Whether WNY Web Sites is developing your site, you're developing it yourself, or you are a developer in need of a host server, we have a low cost effective solution for you.

Hosting as low as $20.83 /mo*

• Email Management
- Email CPanel, Spam Assassin/Blocker, 200mg of POP email space (additonal available)

• Unlimited Access to hosting account

• Site Visitation Statistics - Analog and Webalizer options

• Local Customer Support

• FTP Access included*
*ftp access is included for hosting of sites WNY Websites does not build. FTP access is not required to edit content or create new pages on sites WNY Websites builds.

- Unix Server
- High duty UPS and AC systems
- Dual power grids and power-failure backup systems
- Secure guarded facility with live video surveillance
- Cisco 5500/5000 switched network, using BGP4 protocol, and Cisco 7206
- VXR NPE-300 router with DigitalLink DL3100 DS-3 DSUs
- Redundant high speed connectivity to multiple providers via multiple separate DS-3s to
GlobalCrossing, Teleglobe, Level 3 and QWest (Oct)
- Fully Fast Ethernet & Ether Channel (up to 400Mb/s per single link) based, Gigabit (1000Mb/s) capacity ready.
- Each server is given a full 100Mb/s full duplex port. We do not use any 10Mb/s switches or any hubs
- Located safely from earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes
- Central location ensures optimal connectivity speed and routing, minimizing the number of hops.
- Supports Apache - Mysql - PHP - extensions ending in .html .htm and .php
- Does not support the following extentions: asp, cfm, front page

*Monthly hosting fee of $20.83 based on paying an annual payment of $250 for a standard site with no secured pages or processes such as shopping cart and checkout pages where credit card and other personal information is gathered. Secured hosting annual payment is $350 and includes secured certificate coverage under our certificate purchased through Network Solutions.

Over the course of the year, the annual hosting payment is a $30 discount vs. paying quarterly ($70) for non-secured hosting or a $50.00 savings vs. paying quarterly ($100.00) on the secure hosting.

note: There is a one time $30 set up fee to create the hosting account for web site clients who are building their own sites and (vs. WNY Web Sites developing and hosting the site). This fee is applicable for standard set up. Some web sites may need additional services during the set up process which may incur additional charges.


• Hosting fees are pre-pay and need to be received by WNY Websites prior to the first
day of the period the hosting covers.

• Invoices for hosting fees are sent out 30 days before the first day of the
hosting period the fee covers, giving our clients 30 days notice of payment due.

• In the event the hosting payment is not received by the first day of the
hosting period, there is a 15 day grace period in effect during which time our staff
contacts the client regarding the payment due.

• If payment is not received by 15th day of the first month of the hosting period, the account is suspended and the website and any associated email accounts are blocked from use by the public and the client until the hosting fee and any applicable reinstatement fee has been received by WNY Websites.



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